Melwin Pravin
The JH Program conducted in Toyoda Gosei Pvt Ltd helped me in understanding various JH formats & making abnormalities list, to know your equipment& lubrication point mapping purpose, identification of source of contamination, CLRI identification in the equipment & OPL preparation during our machine visit was so good to understand the theory with Practicality of the subject.
Brijesh D. Prabhu
Training Program at Mumbai on 'Lean- the Toyota Way' was a perfect Mix of Theory and real life examples through Case Studies and Lego Game Simulations. Concepts were very well explained followed by the Shop floor Visit helped us to relate the Concept and lean culture on the shop floor .We learnt the experiences of operators and Improvement teams during the Implementation, which were motivational and displayed “we can do it attitude”. Six Sigma explained in non-manufacturing were exceptional.
The training program gave me immense knowledge on benefits of lean manufacturing, the method which could bring drastic improvements in productivity. The exercises done during the training program and the case studies presented were helpful in understanding the steps in Six Sigma and methods of solving problems with six sigma approach. We were able to witness the benefits of Lean manufacturing over conventional batch production process, with an example of Lego game played during the training.
Abhik Saha
These webinars platform organized by CII IQ for Lean Six Sigma Case Studies was a nice experience for me and for my company. The whole operation was new to us and we came to know the process and operations of these Companies. The step by step advancement of the project will help to address our organizational problems for similar issues. Using of the tool "Heijunka matrix analysis", "Visual Instruction for different models of work "and "Operator wise analysis interpretation" impressed me a lot and I am planning to use these tools in the LSS project of our company also. In a nutshell we can benchmark the use of tools for our co. LSS projects also.
This Training Program on "Lean Manufacturing - The Toyota Way" improved my knowledge about Lean Manufacturing. It helps me to find out what mistakes I did in Lean projects while implementing Lean tools in the organization & give a chance to improve it. It clarified my queries about Lean tools in a practical way such as plug games & factory visit to Mahindra & Mahindra, Kandivali. While session over six sigma added some knowledge in my own memory data bank & also it helped me to get some knowledge about data analysis with help of Mintab to identify the problems. Thanks for CII Institute of Quality for arranging such a valuable program.