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About CII IQ

Who We Are

CII Institute of Quality is the leading authority in Quality Enhancement among organisations and industries. Over the past century, CII has provided Indian Industries with the support, systems and tools to make a mark in the competitive world. It is realised that the best way to enhance an organisation’s competitiveness is through the quality route.

What started as the Total Quality Management Division (TQMD) of CII in the mid-eighties, has now evolved as CII Institute of Quality. As a champion of the Quality movement, CII IQ is powered by the responsibility of enriching the lives of its members, improving their workplaces and making the world at a large, a better place by applying quality tools, techniques and systems. CII IQ provides the best of its kind training and consulting services to organisations to help improve their performance and set a standard of excellence.

CII IQ has tied up with several international organisations to bring their best practices to India. It has helped several organisations improve their Total Quality Management Systems besides helping them win recognitions such as the Deming Prize and the Japan Quality Medal.

Our Vision

To be a Centre of Excellence of international repute that provides role model products and services for the continuous betterment of organizations and society.

Our Mission

To evolve and leverage a Quality Movement that transforms India by offering standard solutions, creating practical insights, driving tangible results, thereby enhancing competitiveness and inclusive growth.

Our Offerings

CII IQ plays a pioneering role in introducing various concepts, in the different sectors of the economy, in order to promote the Quality practices and establish Quality systems in these sectors. CII IQ offer's the following, wide-ranging services:

  • Training
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Counselling
  • Events to Share Best Practices
  • Assessment
  • Study Missions
  • Awards / Recognition
  • SME Clusters

The Training Programmes are delivered both through open house as well as in-house programmes made specifically to suit the needs of the member organisation. A team of highly dedicated and experienced counselors provide handholding services to these organisations on their TQM journey.

Good Practices are shared through various Seminars, Conferences and through domestic and international missions. Outstanding organizations are recognized through the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence, Six Sigma Award,TPM Best Kaizen Award,TPM Kaizen Championship Trophy and TPM Circle Competition Trophy.

CII-IQ helps several SMEs to enhance their competitiveness through the cluster approach. Each cluster has about eight to ten companies that work together under the guidance of IQ Counsellors. The cluster approach provides an effective forum for mutual learning and improvement in Quality, Cost and Delivery.

The fundamental concepts of quality management are common to all sectors of the economy. However, the application of these fundamental concepts requires careful adoption of appropriate practices, tools and techniques to meet the specific needs of each sector. CII-IQ has developed training programmes, counseling and assessment skills, and special learning forums to meet the specific needs of different sectors of the economy.

What we do

CII IQ opens a world of opportunities to improve the quality of workplace, communities and lives by providing information, contacts and more. CII IQ provides the best training and consulting services for organizations to help improve their performance and set standard of excellence. It realises the importance of creating sustainable programs that are critical to an organization’s quality management system.

How We do it

The Portfolio of products offered by CII IQ covers wide-ranging products and services on quality and competitiveness. This includes

  • Business Excellence.
  • Total Quality Management.
  • Total Productive Maintenance.
  • Lean Management.
  • Six Sigma.
  • Quality Tools and Techniques.
  • Industrial and Legal Metrology.
  • Conformity Assessment & Standards.

Service delivery mechanisms of these products and services include

  • Training Programs. (Open and in-house)
  • Counselling Support.
  • Competitiveness Clusters.
  • Assessment Services.
  • Awards and Recognitions.
  • Seminars, Conferences and Events
  • Best Practices Study Missions. (Domestic and International)
  • Publications.
  • Research.

History (Milestones)

  • 1988

    A Division for promoting TQM set up

    CEI Code for Operation on TQM published

    First Monthly Quality News published

  • 1989

    Awareness and Counselling Services on TQM and ISO 9000 begin

    First International Mission on TQM to JUSE, Japan

  • 1990

    World Quality Day celebrated

  • 1991

    First-ever TQM Seminar with two Japanese experts viz. Prof. Miyauchi and Prof. Washio conducted in India

  • 1992

    Sundram Fasteners Limited, Chennai becomes the first company to obtain ISO 9000 certification with the support of CII’s TQM Division

  • 1993

    CII recommends the setting up of Quality Council of India (QCI) for providing a mechanism for national accreditation

    First Quality Summit organised

    Work in the area of Quality in Governance begins

  • 1994

    CII adopts the EFQM Model and introduces the Business Excellence Model and the CII-EXIM Bank Award in India

  • 1995

    CII Centre of Excellence (COE) on Quality announced

    Training & Counselling services for Education Sector begin

  • 1996

    Foundation Stone laid for CII Institute of Quality

  • 1997

    First CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence won by Hewlett Packard, India

    Training & Counselling Services for Laboratory / Measurement commence 1998

  • 1998

    First Summit on Quality in Education organised

    First TQM Cluster in the Manufacturing Sector starts with Prof. Y Tsuda

    The TPM Club India established

  • 1999

    CII sets up the Institute of Quality in Bangalore

    Clusters on TQM started

  • 2000

    CII IQ Advisory Council set up

    Tata Steel wins the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence

  • 2001

    CII Institute of Quality inaugurated

    Training Programmes on General Management introduced

  • 2002

    Infosys Technologies wins the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence

    Training & Counselling Services for Food Sector introduced

  • 2003

    CII Institute of Quality becomes a member of GEM (Global Excellence Model) Council

    Services in Food Sector extended to Bangladesh

    The Lean concept introduced

  • 2004

    Breakthrough Management concept with Prof. Shoji Shiba introduced

    HACCP Cluster on Food begins

    School Cluster established

    Six Sigma services introduced

  • 2005

    Tata Motors (CVBU) wins the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence

    The First Tea Cluster constituting 7 tea units certified to HACCP Food Safety Management Systems

  • 2006

    BHEL, Haridwar becomes the first Prize Winner of the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence

    Legal Metrology Training introduced

    Tata Consultancy Services wins the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence

  • 2007

    CII certified as Assessment Agency for TPM Excellence Award

    CII participates in the WorldSkills Competition for the first time

    Food Safety & Quality extends its HACCP consultancy services to the Hotels & Restaurants Sector

    Lean Management Division set up

  • 2008

    Business Continuity Management Services launched

    Business Excellence Award among Small & Medium Businesses initiated

    Education Excellence Model launched

  • 2009

    6-month Certificate Course on Quality Management & Analytical Techniques launched

    Launch of Road Safety Initiative

    World Food Day Celebrations

  • 2010

    Business Excellence Model updated on 2010 revisions

    Business Excellence Model updated on 2010 revisions

    First ever Lean Mission to Japan Oragsnised

    First National Conference on Quality in Healthcare held

    Maturity Model for Excellence in Food Safety Launched

  • 2011

    Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India delivered the IQ Anniversary Day Lecture in the Institute premises

  • 2012

    First National Lab Conclave

  • 2013

    First National Excellence Practice Competition

    First TPM Circle Competition

  • 2014

    Launched a new 3 day training workshop titled ‘Business Excellence Practitioners Workshop’ to facilitate creating ‘Leaders of Transformation’ within organisations.

  • 2015

    Launched a new 3 day training workshop titled ‘Business Excellence Practitioners Workshop’ to facilitate creating ‘Leaders of Transformation’ within organisations

  • 2016

    Launch of BE Star Recognition Programme and Star
    Icon Recognitions for SMBs
    International Training Workshop on Enterprise
    Risk Management in Saudi Arabia
    Lean Six Sigma Facilitators Certification
    Programme with IIM, Indore
    First School Excellence Mission to Finland

  • 2017

    CII IQ celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Quality Summit

Our Quality Journey

Over the past Century and longer, CII has been playing a proactive role in India's developmental process, by integrating its functioning with the needs of the economy and industry. With the winds of liberalization, privatization and globalisation sweeping across the world, CII felt the need to support the Indian industry in enhancing its competitiveness through the Quality route. This led to the birth of the Total Quality Management Division (TQMD), heralding the Quality journey of CII in the mid eighties. Over the years, the TQMD has evolved into its current-day form, the CII-Institute of Quality (CII-IQ).

CII-IQ has pioneered the introduction of new management approaches, systems, methodologies and tools & techniques to support the Indian Industry in improving competitiveness. In the last two decades the portfolio of services offered has grown to cover the following

  • Quality Management System
  • Quality Tools & Techniques
  • Quality Assurance
  • Lean-Six Sigma
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • General Management
  • The Excellence Model & the Award
  • Legal Metrology
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Measurements

CII-IQ has played an important role in synthesizing the key learning from different approaches and deploying these effectively in Indian industries, for which it has won the appreciation from leading Quality Gurus.

CII-IQ has also taken the lead in promoting the innovative "Cluster approach" that combines TQM, TPM and Lean principles and practices which has been used very effectively to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.

CII-IQ has customised its services to meet the specific needs of different sectors of the economy viz

  • Manufacturing
  • Food
  • Education
  • Bio & Pharma
  • Governance
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Services

CII-IQ has forged alliances with several leading organizations in the world to bring the best practices to India. It started its partnership journey with Japanese Union of Scientists & Engineers (JUSE) and, over the years, this relationship has strengthened and helped several organizations in their TQM journey and also won recognition for them through award of the Deming Prize and the Japan Quality Medal. India has the largest number of Deming Prize winning companies in the world, outside of Japan.

Entering its third decade of service to the industry, the CII-IQ looks forward to playing a significant role in the development of a more vibrant and dynamic Indian Industry and Indian managers, who will, in turn, play a dominant role in the global economy.

Our Advisory Council

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Our Team Members

CII's primary goal is to develop Indian Industry and to ensure that government and society as a whole, understand both the needs of industry and its contribution to the nation's well-being. To achieve this goal, we are always looking out for talented,wanting to learn team players who are ambitious, love challenges and have a passion to excel!

A core team consisting of Counsellors with experience in the fields of Quality and Productivity, supported by a backup team with its eyes and ears firmly in the marketplace, forms the mainstay at CII-IQ. Collectively, the team has several thousand man-hours of experience. Their exposure to international practices and different industry sectors, honed by internal training comes to the fore as they advise, train, manage and guide various organisations. Where required, external faculty members from India or abroad assist in providing services and research.


  • Promoting awareness of Quality for enhancing the Competitiveness of India Inc.
  • To provide education, training and counseling services in 'soft technologies', relevant to the Quality process.
  • Recognizing excellent organizations and presenting them as role models.
  • Providing a platform for the sharing of best practices, performance and strategies for enterprise competitiveness.
  • To conduct research in select thrust sectors for the development of implementation models on Quality.

Our Building

CII Institute of Quality, Bangalore

The CII Institute of Quality Bangalore has been sponsored by ABB Ltd and is spread over 4 acres of scenic land on the western outskirts of the garden city.The Institute is a modern piece of eye-catching architecture blending into the hilly terrain in which it is located.

The building has been designed to be eco-friendly, with minimum impact on the environment and using green energy saving technologies.

The landscaping has been designed to enhance the beauty of the surroundings and provide a peaceful ambience suited to an institute of learning. The Building has some unique features.

Passive Downdraft Environmental Cooling (PDEC)

At the very outset, CII decided to introduce environmental cooling instead of costly and energy hungry air conditioning. Accordingly, PEDC was integrated into the architecture at the design stage.

This system has been developed after study of ancient public buildings and palaces in India, which were instrumented to record all aspects of indoor air quality.

The data recorded over a period of one year was then used to design a CAD programme, for adaptation and design of cooling systems for buildings. Basically, the system consists of 15-meter tall wind catchers, which are towers that capture and deflect airflow into a large plenum chamber, which is located adjacent to the main building. From the plenum chamber, the air is fed into the various training halls.

The warm air rises and is bled away through vents. During hot weather, micronisers, located at the top of each tower dispense an atomized spray of water, which mixes with the incoming air, evaporates and produces cooling. Incoming temperatures can be thus lowered by 10c, which is sufficient to bring indoor air temperature into the comfort zone. More importantly, the air being fed into the building is always new and not re-circulated. Therefore it is always fresh and oxygen rich. No one feels sleepy and drowsy during sessions, even after a sumptuous lunch!

Day lighting

The entire building has been designed to use natural light. There is no need to use power for lighting even on the dullest day. On bright days, excess light is filtered through specially designed blinds. Together with power saved from air conditioning, this represents huge energy savings during normal operation of the institute.

Water Management

Since water is not provided by the civic authorities, CII-IQ accesses and treats ground water from bore wells to meet its requirements. The waster used is of very good quality and all of it is recycled through septic tanks and re-fed into the environment through soak pits.

Rainwater falling on the building and site is also channeled into natural reservoirs and absorbed as ground water.

Building Materials

In order to save costs and energy, all materials in the building have been obtained from local sources. Further, no polished granite / marble has been used. Only eco-friendly materials like rough granite, local stone, recycled wood, cement and steel comprise the building. Yet, the unique design and beautiful landscaping provide a unique experience for the participants who come to the institute to imbibe its ambience and learning.

CII IQ premises in Bangalore conferred GOLD Certification by IGBC

Mr R Mukundan, Chairman, CII Institute of Quality & Managing Director, Tata Chemicals Ltd (second from left) received the Certification and plaque from the IGBC Bangalore Chapter Chairman, Mr Syed Mohammed Beary, CMD of Bearys Group in the presence Shri Priyank Kharge, Honorable Minister for Information Technology, Bio-Technology & Tourism, Government of Karnataka on 25 th November 2017 during the 25 th Silver Jubilee National Quality Summit celebrations in Bangalore. Others from left to right, Mr Vipin Sahni, Executive Director, CII Institute of Quality, Mr Shin Taguchi, Chief Technical Officer, ASI Consulting Group; Mr David Rasquinha, Managing Director, EXIM Bank of India; Mr T T Ashok, Past Chairman, CII Southern Region & Managing Director, Taylor Rubber Pvt. Ltd.

The CII Institute of Quality, which was originally conceived as a green building in its formative years before such standards existed, recalibrated itself to meet the formal requirements to be awarded ‘GOLD’ level of certification under the ‘IGBC Green Existing Buildings’ rating system.

Some of the latest key green features implemented include:

  • 55 % energy savings with an Energy Performance Index (EPI) of 29 kWh /m2 / year
  • Installation of wind towers for natural cooling
  • 100% roof area painted with high reflective paints, for reduction of heat island effect
  • 75% water savings by retrofitting water efficient fixtures
  • 100% of rain water capture from roof & non-roof areas and reuse for landscaping applications
  • Provision of special facilities for differently abled, such as toilets, ramps, reserved parking and signages
  • Plantation of native and adaptive species 

The CII Institute of Quality Bangalore, sponsored by ABB Ltd, is spread over 4 acres of scenic land on the western outskirts of the garden city of Bangalore. The Institute is a modern piece of eye-catching architecture blending into the hilly terrain in which it is located. The building, from inception, was designed to be eco-friendly, with minimum impact on the environment and using green energy saving technologies. The landscaping has been designed to enhance the beauty of the surroundings and provide a peaceful ambience suited to an institute of learning.

The Building’s unique features also include Passive Downdraft Environmental Cooling; Day lighting; Water Management and the use of eco-friendly Building materials.

For detailed information about the building, please click


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