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Competition On Human Mistake Proofing (POKA - YOKE)

CALL FOR PAPER: Last date for submission 12 June 2017

CII TPM Club India is pleased to announce the first competition on the Man - made mistake proofing technique (Poka - Yoke) in the month of June. This is the call for paper inviting members to compete at the Poka Yoke Conference in June at Bangalore.


To err is Human. Human Beings are very forgetful and tend to make mistakes. Many times we end up saying "Operator Carelessness / Negligence" or "Operator Inattentiveness". If we carefully look at such processes, we can reason out that these are a combination of many factors rather than just "Operator Carelessness". To create an overall awareness on Human mistake proofing methodology in the shop floor activities.


  1.   Alarm type
  2.   Shutdown type
  3.   Control type


  1.  6 minutes per presentation
  2.  1 participant per presentation

Flow of presentation and rating of the presentation:

  1.  Problem explanation    -    10 marks
  2. Root cause analysis    -    10    marks
  3. Explanation of Mechanism    -    10    marks
  4. Explanation of type of    Poka    -    10    marks
  5. Explanation of type of    yoke    -    10    marks
  6. Improvement mechanism    -    10 marks
  7. Explanation of Poka yoke with suitable tools -    10    marks
  8. Explanation of result & benefits    -    10    marks
  9. Status of Horizontal deployment    -    05    marks
  10. Sustenance methodology    -    05    marks
  11. Time management    -    05    marks
  12. Participation    -    05    marks


  1.  80 % weight age for Jury rating
  2.  20 % weight age for audience rating


  1. Three best presentation per type will be selected from each Conference.
  2. Three Winner presentations will be rewarded with a Trophy. (Based on the no. of presentations the trophies will be decided).
  3. The first winner of each type will be eligible for competition at the TPM Champion Competition during September along with TPM National Conference.

A brief understanding on Poka - Yoke:

Monotonous, mechanical and long tense working environment tend to make people commit mistakes. If we bracket these mistakes as carelessness, the people get demotivated and discouraged.

Poka is a Japanese word meaning "inadvertent errors" and Yoke comes from Japanese word "Yokerie" meaning "to avoid". This has also been termed as "Mistake / Fool Proofing" or "Fail Safing". The idea behind poka-yoke is to free a person's mind from maintaining repetitive vigil which may be practically infeasible. By doing so a person without the fear of making mistake can constructively do more value added activities.

Poka-Yoke is designed in a way that it helps the operator to recognise the defect before it is about to occur, it is called a Prevention or Prediction type Poka-Yoke. Poka-Yoke helps the operator to know immediately on the occurrence of the defect then it is called Detection type Poka-Yoke. Detection is "after' the defect is produced. The merit of this type of poka-yoke is based on the stage at which the defect is detected. In simple language "Earlier the better".

There are 8 type of Human errors are possible, which can get resulted in any one out of Product quality defect, component breakdown and accident

Processing Errors including Safety Errors

  • Assembly Errors
  • Inspection Errors
  • Processing Omissions
  • Assembly Omissions

Packing / Pasting / Labeling Errors

 Mis-orientation, Mis-alignment & Dimensional Errors

So as to avoid such shop floor problems, the following types of alarms are designed. ALARM

Signals in form of buzzers, blinking lights are used to warn when an abnormality, has occurred (detect) / about to occur (predict).


Normal function of machine or process is stopped when defect predicted/detected. CONTROL

In Prevention type Poka-Yoke, Control means that even intentional errors are impossible or methods by which the cause of a defect if starts happening, it is automatically prevented from happening (feedback mechanism).

In Detection type Poka-Yoke , Control means that the process is not stopped but the defective items are automatically separated out and are not allowed to pass on to next stage.

Entry Fee:

There is an Entry fee of Rs. 1 5,000/- + 15% service tax for each selected Poka yoke paper to be presented. There would be two speakers per paper selected. If additional delegates are nominated by the presenting company, the discounted fee would be Rs. 7,000/- per person + 15% service tax.

Dead line for “Call for Paper”

The Poka Yoke papers should reach us before 12 June 2017. Please follow the standard format (ppt) enclosed. The acknowledgement of receipt of papers will be sent to the respective member company. If you do not receive confirmation within a week of sending the nomination, please contact Ms Jayashree Das at

We look forward to the active participation from all CII & TPM Club India Members to share their Mistake Proof with the Indian industry to build India’s competitiveness and compete at the conference.


Best regards,

Yours sincerely,

Abdul Wadood
Principal Counsellor & Head,
CII TPM Club India

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