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Certification Course on Applied Statistics for Engineers and Managers

The Confederation of Indian Industry -Institute of Quality (CII-IQ) is pleased to announce its three days training programme on Applied Statistics For Engineers and Managers. Statistical methods are an important tool in design and development of new products / processes because they provide the engineer with both descriptive and analytical methods for dealing with the variability in observed data. Today, with Statistical Process Control (SPC) being adopted in many of the industries, engineers need to know the funda of statistics for engineering problem solving and arriving at meaningful decisions. Sound knowledge about applied industrial statistics is must in order to implement world class manufacturing, focussing on product and process quality. Any decision making without the application of statistics will not be significant. Keeping this in view, CII is organizing a 3 days programme on "Applied Statistics for Engineers and Managers" on 22-24 January 2018 at Bengaluru.


  • Importance of Industrial statistics
  • Statistics integrated to Quality in ppm level
  • Is it possible to achieve less than 10 ppm?
  • Importance of collection of Data - 12 steps
  • Variable and Attribute data.
  • Limitations of Attribute data in industry
  • Process mapping 7Ms(ASQ)
  • Individuals, Averages different types, Geo Average. Criticism on Averages
  • Run chart and interpretation.
  • Set up Approval of process.
  • 100% inspection - Why it doesn't have any meaning today
  • Systematic and Random errors - 4 possible cases
  • Applied probability to industries - practical applications
  • Histogram, Situations, interpretations wrt Tolerance
  • How to overcome mistakes in Histogram.
  • Normal distribution, Geometrical Distributions Log Normal, Demonstration of ND, Area under ND
  • Skewed and Mixed Distribution, Multi model Distributions
  • Illustration of How S curve becomes straight line in ND
  • Range ,Standard deviation 2 types, Est SD, Variance Applications
  • Grouped data SD
  • Co efficient of Variation
  • Outlier test 2 types
  • Regression, Correlation Co efficient r value.
  • Applications Normal Probability
  • Geo Tolerance Probability Ruling paper usage
  • Percentage, ppm of Rejection Calculations from process using Z distributions
  • Application of Tally mark in comparison with tolerance over a period of time. Visual chart.
  • Cp,Cpk ,Ppk, Cmk,Cgk,Cpm, negative Cpk calculations of processes
  • When and How to Arrive at Cpk.normal mistakes done by industries
  • Confidence Interval for average, standard deviation, process capability
  • Process capability index. 99 and 95% understanding
  • Arriving at Tolerance - conventional and statistical methods
  • MSA and Statistics
  • Reliability Analysis using Weibull distribution in Product development stage and Field complaints analysis.
  • Basic Application of Control charts


After undergoing the programme, the participants will be able to do:

  • Good decision making using statistics
  • Ensure consistent quality
  • Optimal use of resources and more robust processes
  • Efficient planning and control
  • Increased transparency of target / actual status and their trends
  • Good customer satisfaction since applied statistics is in use in problem solving and for planned quality


CII Members: INR 18,000 + 18% GST / Delegate CII Non Members: INR 20,000 + 18% GST / Delegate 3 or more delegates from single company would be entitled for 10% discount on the total fee payable Delegate fee is not refundable. Changes in nominations are acceptable. This is a non- residential programme, hence participants are requested to make their own arrangements

CONTACT: Supriya @ +91-9036832293;

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